I've been an organist and choir director for most of my life,
as well as a public and private school music teacher. I teach
private piano to students of ANY age and ALL levels of playing!

I believe that music should be a fun experience.PLAYING the
PIANO is a lifelong endeavor, and enriches our lives. It develops
self-discipline.  Scientists tell us that playing the piano is good for
the brain and develops fine motor skills. Playing the piano opens up
varieties of music to the student:  Broadway, Jazz, Popular and
styles important in historical periods etc. Students are encouraged
to compose, learn chord changes, and arrange their music.          
Students usually have 3 books.  The first has modern,  skill-based
lessons with increasing levels of difficulty, and an accompaniment
CD.  Students listen to and play with the CD for concepts of
listening, phrasing, dynamics, good rhythm and following a Beat!  
The second book is a workbook for learning basic theory of music
and is coordinated with the lesson book. The third book is based
on student choice: Holiday music, Popular, Jazz, Broadway etc.
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PIANO PARTIES- playing, sharing enjoyment

Students are invited to participate in two recitals during the year. The performances are called Piano Parties because the students are encouraged to share
their work without undo pressure of performance, play for a small audience, and enjoy the experience of playing for people!  Enjoy these pictures from 3  Piano
Parties that were held in the studio The audience was comprised of family and friends. The students played  selections of their choice from lesson books, original
arrangements,jazz and popular songs that they had studied. After  pictures, everyone went upstairs for
The Piano Party              
Congratulations to everyone!!!
NEXT PIANO PARTY:   Spring of 2013
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Chorus Concert Merrimack High School in
December of 2011. Nancy Jamrog-Couret and her
five students who accompany the chorus.
Anjelica Gonzalez and  
Jonathon Appert      
accompanied the
Merrimack High
School Chorus and
Chamber Chorus           
Jonathon also plays
Piano in the Jazz Band
Jon Appert at the Cavalcade of Bands,
Merrimack High School Jazz Band 2013
Demetria Gonzalez at the Cavalcade of Bands
Jazz Band upper elementary 2013